Get Covered For Unforeseen Expenses


What Is A HELP Plan?

A help plan is South African term used for health insurance* or as it was also previously known as – a cash-back plan. It pays out in cash to assist you with financial requirements in the unfortunate event of hospitalization*. Please note, this is not the same as medical aid, the payout goes directly to you.

You can make use of the money as you choose. You can use it for anything from paying bills to basic daily needs like food.

What Does This Plan Cover?

Firstly, they have a maternity benefit that will pay out.

They offer you a certain amount each year if something is to happen like some places offer up to R200 000 annually for hospitalization*. Other places, like Clientele HELP Plan, may offer you cash back when you reach the age of 65.

You can get a daily benefit paid into your account if hospitalized* for more than 72hours.

You get lump sum paid if you are diagnosed with any dread disease, cancer or disabled due to an accident.

There are various additional benefits to a HELP plan that include the following:

– 24hour emergency helpline with a professional nurse
– Support for HIV positive testings
– Counseling when faced with trauma
– Services of ambulance or air support due to emergencies

Keep in mind this HELP PLANS do not settle any health* related bills, it pays out a claim into your personal account and not the facility where you are getting treatment. Settling that bills will be out of your will and you can use this money for your claim to do so if you wish.

When Can You Claim From This Cover?

If you have been discharging from the hospital*, you can send the company all the documentation to put in a request. They will assess it and pay out what they must.

Keep in mind that you need to be three days (72 hours) or more confined to make a claim.

What Documentation Will Be Needed To Make A Claim On Your HELP Plan?

  • Whole hospitalization* account – to determine the amount and confinement.
  • Claim form (completed)
  • Medical* Report completed by your doctor
  • Any additional information will be gathered at the hospital* and admitting doctor.